Climate action for (neuro)scientists

Climate change is the most urgent problem currently facing humanity – including a subset who call themselves (neuro)scientists. While many academics still consider (political) activism far outside their comfort zone, the broader scientific community is slowly waking up to the urgency of the situation and the role we can play as a community of evidence-minded individuals. I believe there are few excuses for not engaging with this issue, and there are many ways to productively do so.

Where to start? Read on!


  • Rae C, Farley M, Jeffery K, Urai AE (2022) Climate crisis and ecological emergency: why they concern (neuro)scientists, and what we can do. Brain and Neuroscience Advances, 6:1-11. [preprinttweeprintlinkpdf]
  • Aron AR, Ivry R, Jeffrey K, Poldrack R, Schmidt R, Summerfield C, & Urai AE. (2020). How can neuroscientists respond to the climate emergency? Neuron, 106:17–20. [link, pdf]
  • An older blogpost: Climate action for neuroscientists: a concrete guide.



  • Are you a student at Leiden University? Contact me about project ideas to study climate action, the footprint of academia and climate communication.



Slides from the FENS ’22 sustainability symposium:

Slides from the BNA ’21 green neuroscience symposium:

Talk at Dundee University, 18 November 2021: Watch video, Download slides

Talk at UKE Hamburg, 2 May 2022: slides