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Code and data for Urai, de Gee, Tsetsos & Donner (2019), eLife

Data and code for Bergt*, Urai*, Donner & Schwabe (2018), EJN

Code and data for Urai, Braun & Donner (2017), Nature Communications


Urai AE & Wimmer K (2016). Spatiotemporal motion energy filtering: a Matlab implementation. Zenodo,

Pupil preprocessing in Matlab (Jupyter notebook with example data)

Matlab-based Jupyter notebooks

Pretty plots in Matlab

Thesis formatting in LaTex

Other code snippets

ICA browser for FieldTrip (by Thomas Pfeffer, Jonathan Daume, and myself).

offsetAxes.m cheats Matlab into offsetting axes, as in Seaborn’s ‘despine’