Gender bias and diversity in academia

Although we’d all like academia to be a true meritocracy, ample research shows that implicit biases create significant hurdles to achieving diversity in our communities.

Here is an overview of the data (showing both the extent to which gender biases cause problems in science, and the different factors that may be significant contributors) and possible solutions.

Different iterations of slides I presented on this topic: WiSE retreat and NYU GUIS, Ghent.

What’s the problem?

What’s going on here? Personal stories and case studies

What’s going on here? Observational studies

Don’t want to read a bunch of science on implicit bias? This Pixar short hits the nail on the head

What’s going on here? Randomized studies

What’s going on here? Simulations

More evidence

But surely I’m unbiased?

Are there any solutions?

What can I do?

What can we do as a community?

Will any of this work?

Stories and support


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