Join Us

Are you interested in the lab’s research and methods, please get in touch! I love to hear about your background and your ideas for a project that fits with the lab’s scientific focus.

I’m always interested in discussing project ideas for PhD or postdoc candidates. At the moment I don’t have funding available, but see here for a list of postdoctoral fellowship programmes. If you’d like to apply for a PhD position, I’m happy to explore funding options together (e.g. for specifically students from Brazil, China, India or Portugal, or for Dutch MSc graduates with a non-western background).

If you’re a student at Leiden University, please include some information about your study program, your experience in programming and data analysis, and when you’d like to do a project. If you’re interested in visiting Leiden as an exchange student, or doing a remote project (Leiden University is mostly closed at the moment, certainly for the 2020-2021 academic year), I’d love to hear from you.