Join Us

Are you interested in the lab’s research and methods, please get in touch! I love to hear about your background and your ideas. Please check out our recent publications and research interests, and think about a project that fits with the lab’s scientific focus (some ideas here).

Read this page about my vision on supervision and academic values, and think about the mentorship style that suits you.

PhD / postdoc

I’m always interested in discussing project ideas for PhD or postdoc candidates.

At the moment I don’t have funding available, but see here for a list of postdoctoral fellowship programmes. I’m happy to explore funding options together (e.g. for specifically students from Brazil, China, India or Portugal, or for Dutch MSc graduates with a non-western background). This page offers useful links for postdoc support at Leiden University.

MSc / BSc / BA

If you’re a student at Leiden University, or want to visit as an exchange student, please include some information about your study program, your experience in programming and data analysis, and when you’d like to do a project. It helps if you send me your CV, grade transcript, and a short letter of motivation.